Bookkeeping Department


Michele Sweeten

President & Principal CPA

Michele Sweeten, CPA, founded the Sweeten CPA accounting firm in 2002 as a one woman operation.  Since then she has grown the firm through her hard work and vision to a staff of 16 CPAs, accountants, and bookkeepers with clients in a wide array of industries including construction, retail, professional services, and education.  She is dedicated and loyal to her clients, and now more than 400 individuals and small businesses rely on her for the trusted relationship, intelligence and responsiveness they have come to know and expect. In addition to delivering high quality and cost-effective bookkeeping and tax preparation services, Michele also prides herself in connecting dedicated professionals with each other in order to reach their goals and grow their businesses through involvement in various networking groups, business coaching, and leadership services.

Bookkeeping Team

Jackie Sweeten

Accounting Services & Client Relations Manager

Jackie Sweeten is the Accounting Services & Client Relations Manager and she joined Michele in her business venture in 2003. Her diverse skill sets as a Tax Drafter, Legal and Executive Assistant in the corporate world, Escrow Secretary, Commercial Accounts Manager for various Savings and Loans throughout Texas, as well as being an entrepreneur, give her a fresh perspective new business owners are looking for to help guide them in the formation process for their new businesses and institute an accounting tracking system that best fits their needs. She is a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor who onboards all new accounting service clients with complete setup and training in QB desktop, QB online, and payroll.  Lost your corporate status and need to reinstate? Time to terminate your entity with the Secretary of State?  She is our specialist in these areas and will be happy to assist you!


Meredith Schrup

Senior Accounting Analyst

Meredith Schrup is our Senior Accounting Analyst. She has worked with Sweeten CPA since 2003 and is fluent in QuickBooks (PC and Mac) and an expert in ProSeries. She has also headed diverse special projects such as designing detailed job costing systems, converting payroll systems, and reconciling QuickBooks POS to its QuickBooks retail companion. She is a ready and able consultant, whom we are grateful to have on our team. She is furthering her education by adding to her original Bachelor of Science degree the accounting courses that will qualify her to take the CPA exam. Go, Meredith!


Christiana Schaefer

Bookkeeping Team Lead

Christiana Schaefer joined the team as a bookkeeper in 2013. A Summa Cum Laude graduate of Texas State University, she enjoys a challenge and is ready to tackle any bookkeeping problem thrown her way. With experience in handling accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, cash flow analysis, and preparing tax returns, she uses her knowledge to review, analyze, and keep every set of books running smoothly.  She is now a bookkeeping Team Lead and helps new bookkeepers learn the ropes, passing along her proficiency for time management, client relations, and efficiency.​


Abigail Jones

Bookkeeping Team Lead

A Magna Cum Laude alumna of Lubbock Christian University, Abigail Jones started with us shortly after graduating in 2014. Her bachelor’s degree in mathematics gives her the perfect tools to make sure everything adds up. She is an eager bookkeeper, junior tax drafter, and also Special Projects Manager, a job which includes software research and implementation, process efficiency testing, this kick-butt team page, and updating social media for the company. She is pursuing her masters in accounting at UTA and is a bookkeeping Team Lead for the Dallas/Fort Worth branch.


Ryan Rabinowitz


Ryan Rabinowitz began with us in 2015. He started helping around the office but did not take long to learn the ropes of after-the-fact bookkeeping. He is a quick learner with a proficiency for efficiency. We expect him to move on, however, when he eventually holds the world title in boxing. Until then, he continues to improve and gain knowledge and may just make CPA one day.


Linda Jarrell

CPA & Bookkeeper

Linda Jarrell, CPA, graduated with her accounting degree in 2005. She uses her CPA license to work on complicated, full-service bookkeeping clients. She is adept at juggling payroll entries and accrual items, like accounts payable, accounts receivable, accrued expenses, etc. She also prepares tax returns with the tax team.

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Eleonora Nix


Eleonora Nix started working with us in 2017. She comes with a substantial international background, not least of which are her degrees in marketing from Belgium and Mexico. She has experience being an entrepreneur in the wine industry, and working in many different industries in multiple countries, from nonprofit to oil. She loves interacting with business owners and works diligently to expand her skillset. She is a bright spot in the office and always happy to help!

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Kristine Munselle


The definition of go-getter, Kristine Munselle is a quick learner and a follow-up-er. Organized and dependable are a bit of an understatement. Graduating from A&M with a degree in theater (which livens up team meetings), Kristine has pursued jobs in finance and accounting her entire career because of her love of processes and accuracy. She's been part of the team since 2017 and we couldn't be more glad to have her.


Ellen Vaughn


Ellen Vaughn is a master of order and seeing the big picture. Graduating from A&M with a degree in math, she found her way to Sweeten in search of a challenge. We're still trying to stump her, but she makes quick learning look effortless and tackles new skills with ease. Passionate about order, efficiency, and analyzing trends in the numbers, Ellen is reliable and smiley, logical and warm. 

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Rebecca Yates


With a passion for small businesses, Rebecca Yates started her bookkeeping career bailing out and troubleshooting the books for friends' mom-n-pop shops. Even with a long career in teaching math, she dove into the literal trash bag of receipts to help passionate people gain financial peace. Years later, she's moved from trash bags to QuickBooks Online in her quest to solve accounting systems. She's a hoot and a half (at least), a natural conversationalist, and a joy to work with. 

Mary Kathryn Birkner knew from her high school days that she wanted to be—not an astronaut, not a ballerina—an accountant. She joined our team and immediately began expanding her skillset. She enjoys making things run smoothly and will grapple with finances until they are ironed out. Watch out third party software providers, because she will call until she gets answers!

Sonya Howard joined Sweeten CPA in June of 2018. Prior to joining our team, she worked over 10 years as an office manager and bookkeeper for an industrial construction company. Prior to that she worked diverse roles for semiconductor companies for over 20 years. Working in various industries has provided Sonya with valuable experience that helps her serve a variety of clients. She earned her associate degree in Business Administration at Austin Community College and graduated from St. Edwards University with a bachelor’s degree in Applied Science. She is constantly learning and easy to work with!

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