Flat Packages

Sweeten CPA offers bookkeeping services with regular, dependable charges. A primary bookkeeper performs any services needed (reconciling, running reports, managing A/R, etc.) with oversight by Jackie, the Client Relations Manager, and often a Bookkeeping Lead. Flat packages are a long-term relationship: they're meant to last. We can even incorporate the yearly tax returns in to the monthly cost, to avoid any surprise bills.

Onboarding Specialist

Sweeten has a qualified team of high-level onboarding personnel. These individuals perform the intensive and sensitive process of jumping in to your books, understanding your process, creating Sweeten procedures to compliment what is already in place, establishing new procedures as needed, and handing off the prepared books to the bookkeeper.


QuickBooks Consulting

Messed up your QuickBooks file? Can't figure out how to get things reconciled? Need to set up a QuickBooks file? Want to have someone run a diagnostic well-check on your file?

Sweeten CPA has you covered.


CPA Analysis

If you need CPA advice on a tax matter or an accounting practice, come talk to one of the CPAs here.


Meet with Michele

Tax planning, new business formation, growth strategies, financial report analysis, yes, Michele has it all. Come meet with her for a high-level consultation over your business and books.


Tax Returns
Custom Quoted on individual basis
Large $700
Medium $500
Small $350
Very Small $150
Delaware State Returns $300
State Returns (other than Delaware) $150
TX Franchise No Tax Due short form Free (included in price for federal return)
TX Franchise Long Forms $300