Here’s what other people thought:

“My wife and I absolutely love our CPA team at Sweeten CPA! We’ve been using their services for over 3 years now. Not only is everyone employed there very friendly, bright, and helpful but you won’t receive better accounting and tax service anywhere else! Sweeten CPA has educated us as well as support us in our accounting and tax filing which is such a help to a small business owner.”

-Brad T, April 2016, via Yelp.com

“I have known Michele Sweeten for many years.  I have worked with her and her team and I’m so impressed with her knowledge, professionalism and desire to go the extra mile.  And her prices are competitive.  I highly recommend her and her team!”

-Stephanie B., May 2014, via Yelp.com

“These guys are great! Going the extra mile to make sure the “i’s” are dotted and the “t’s” are crossed. Even helpful beyond their responsibility! Dont hesitate to trust Sweeten CPA with your assets!”

-Doug G., February 2014, via Yelp.com

“I’ve been using Michelle and her firm for about two years now. They are timely, knowledgeable, reasonably priced, and if they don’t know the answer – they will tell they don’t know and then find out… That’s what you want in a CPA, period. They do business and personal work (taxes and bookkeeping) and know Quickbooks pretty dang well.  I’d recommend them.”

-Steve S., November 2013, via Yelp.com

“Sweeten CPA is a very professional and caring business! Michele Sweeten and several of her associates helped us with our small construction business in many different and difficult aspects of business over the past 10 years. We survived a sales tax audit not once but twice and a major payroll tax issue. I highly recommend Sweeten CPA from the smallest of personal returns (my college daughters) to the most complicated business returns. I highly recommend Sweeten CPA to all my friends and business. As good as it gets!”

-Stephanie L., January 2012, via Yelp.com

“Sweeten CPA has been great for me.  I’m an independent contractor and let these guys handle all of my worries around tax time!  They are easy to get in touch with and get back with you quickly.  I would definitely recommend them.”

-Dinah P., January 2012, via Yelp.com

“My wife and I had been looking for a local accountant in Austin to handle our annual tax reports, after working with our old firm long distance from Chicago wasn’t practical any longer, to the extent that we were finding basic math mistakes, even though we’d provided the former firm detailed financial paperwork and spreadsheet information that wasn’t being used, due to an increasing lack of communication. Our returns weren’t difficult, and our needs were small, but we needed a firm that would clearly communicate their needs to us, advise us on tax issues and answer our questions in a timely manner. What seemed burdensome to our previous accountant — detailed spreadsheets and investment info as well as electronic filings — was embraced by Michelle Sweeten and her talented “sisterhood” of tax experts. We asked for deadlines to get our information to Michelle and her crew to prepare. We got them, and made our tax deadlines. We asked about any difficulties they might have with working with multiple W-9s from various writing contractors. Not a problem. We asked them for feedback on what they needed from us to prepare our returns with a minimal amount of fuss and worry. They provided it, and then some. We never heard a “no” or “we can’t do that” from Michelle and her staff, easing our worries considerably… The process of submitting to paperwork to final e-filing couldn’t have been easier and simpler. Wish we could give folks a more detailed description of all the work Sweeten CPA did behind the scenes. The proof for us has been in how worry-free and simple it’s been to get our taxes done compared to our previous tax preparer in Chicago…

So much so, that 2012 will mark our 5th year with Sweeten CPA. We can’t say enough good things about Michelle and her “sisterhood” of tax preparers, and recommend them constantly to our friends living in Central Texas who are looking for tax assistance. Her fees may be a little higher than your good ol’ HR Blockhead, but we came out ahead in the lack-of-stress department, got the straight skinny about our tax situations when questions needed to be asked and always felt a part of the process. Can’t ask for more than that…”

-Sandy T., January 2012, via Angieslist.com

“Sweeten CPA team is the best!   They are all professional, competent, efficient, accessible and skillful experts.  I have a small construction company and feel so fortunate to have found Sweeten.. . . . No more tax worries  . . .. I sleep well at night! You cannot be in better hands!”

-Jan G., January 2012, via Yelp.com

“The Sweeten CPA firm is awesome!! I have a small business and they have been able to assist with my franchise taxes, IRS taxes and assistance with Quickbooks online.  They are always there when I need them with the professionalism and reliability what’s not to love.  I would highly recommend them anytime.  I plan to stay with Sweeten CPA firm for a long time!”

-Sonya H., December 2011, via Yelp.com

“This year, they performed a business tax return for two corporations and my personal tax return.  I was charged significantly less than I would have at any quality accounting firm in Austin. This is my 6th annual go around with Michele and her team… Each year it gets more complex but she manages it soooo well… I’ve worked with Sweeten CPA since 2006 and have never had an issue that wasn’t resolved quickly and to my satisfaction. Sweeten CPA has:

(1) helped me start and manage a new business… after years in the corporate world.
(2) manage up to 10 rental homes
(3) file taxes for three separate corporate entities
(4) always been responsive and caring…. almost to a fault if that is possible.

If you don’t use Sweeten CPA, you’re insane.”

-Dag N., December 2011, via AngiesList.com

“Michele and her team have been such an integral part of helping us use quickbooks and manage our accounting, that I felt compelled to write a review. They have saved us thousands of dollars in tax obligations and with increased efficiencies. Our firm is lucky to have found such knowledgeable, creative, professionals. I have always found them friendly to work with and eager to accommodate.”

-Anonymous, September 2010, via Proadvisor.Intuit.com

“This is the first year we have used her. She was local and offered services for a good price. She had a good review on Angie’s List. She finished our taxes within a week, but she needed to revise it twice because we found additional information, that needed to be included. She was patient with us and rolled with the punches and we were able to get our tax refund back in a timely fashion. She was familiar with her work and multi-tasking.”

-Sandy T., May 2008, via AngiesList.com

“I found my accountant in an ad in Chronicle. I was lucky when I did this in 2005, just starting my business and unaware of Angie’s List. Michelle and her sister, Jackie, have provided expert accounting and bookkeeping work for me for the last three years. I had always done my own taxes forever using TurboTax. When I started my business, I expected to do the same and to use Quickbooks for my books. The program seemed straightforward and not too difficult; however, I had a lot more business than I anticipated and did not have time to do the books myself. I was pleasantly surprised that I could have an accountant at a reasonable cost. But this is not surprising with Michele. She has the same kind of lean business that I run: she works from home with low overhead; she and her sister do all of the work, so there are only highly skilled, quick people doing the work. I am very pleased with their professionalism, response time, friendliness and cost. I will never go anyplace else.”

-Richard S., December 2007, via AngiesList.com