Move to the Cloud? QBO vs. QB Desktop

So, you’re thinking about QuickBooks. A lot can be said about having a computerized bookkeeping system. It provides so much capability for reliability, business management, and financial organization. Many of our clients are small businesses, with no particular passion for accounting, who need the financial drudgery out of the way of their creative or entrepreneurial process, and they use a QuickBooks product.

But which QuickBooks product is the best?

While Sweeten CPA has many, many combined years of QuickBooks Desktop expertise, we are embracing the shift to QuickBooks Online.

1. Immediate Access:

Left the office but need to resend an invoice? No problem, QBO is on your phone. Need to refer to your Profit & Loss for the year at a business lunch? No problem. Need to catch up on your bookkeeping while waiting in line? Add new expenses as they come in to your bank register from your phone. Need to add a receipt to your file? You see where I’m going with this? (While the app doesn’t have quite the functionality of the website, it does provide these more-than-basic capabilities and you can still access the website via your phone as well.)

2. Multiple Users:

Sure, you can have multiple users in QuickBooks Desktop and that is a seamless feature, but with QuickBooks Online you can have multiple users on different networks. In other words, there’s no need for your computers to be connected to share the file. For instance, you can give your accountant access by sending them an invite to their inbox. It makes life a little easier.

3. Automatic Updates:

Duh. While, yes, they profit from you paying monthly, you never have to buy the next year’s software. The updates, patches, and bug fixes are all automatic: no more waiting for your software to update before you can start your business day.

4. And More:

If these reasons weren’t enough, QuickBooks has a whole beautiful, graphic-laden page walking through the advantages of Online that they hold dearest. Check it out here. They also have a great chart that shows you the different features. Check it out here.