Oh, the Joys of Flat Packages

Expert Reconciling

There is no other and no better way to verify that all your financial activity and only your financial activity is present in your QuickBooks. It has to be done right and it has to be done regularly.

Certified Personnel

Certified? Why, yes. Not to brag, but our entire team is certified in QuickBooks Online, from the office manager to the president. Not to mention our years of experience!

No Surprises

No bill fluctuations. That's right: for all the work in your unique agreement you get one flat monthly bill. No more bills for phone calls, no more bills for email correspondence. (That's what a win-win feels like.)


Client Relations Manager & Onboarding Expert

Do you need to get a hold of your financial life? Do you need to start a QuickBooks file? Do you need to untangle a QuickBooks file? Do you need someone to take some books maintenance off your to-do list? Do you need QuickBooks training?

Jackie is your (wo)man.She is our QuickBooks Whisperer, not to mention she sets up every bookkeeping engagement. If you're interested in bookkeeping services, call the office and ask for Jackie.

It's MORE than bookkeeping...

Bundle your tax return(s) in to your monthly bill, too. That means when you're getting your tax refund, you don't turn around and hand it your CPA for their services. (Or if you're writing a check for your tax bill, you don't have to send a check to the CPA, too. Ouch.)

Make the best practices of the business world a reality when you bundle in regular meetings with your CPA. Meet with her on a regular basis to ask questions, review financials, and plot your growth.


Next Steps...

Call in and ask for Karen, our flat package specialist, to get your company started today!