Tax Legislation

Plain-speak: Understanding the New Health Care Law (Affordable Care Act)

Everyone is saying it.  The new health care law, or the Affordable Care Act, will impact everyone.  Naturally we are all anywhere from curious to compelled to find out how it will play into our individual lives.  But the law is about 2000 pages long and in legal jargon, no less!  So how are we, the average person whom it will reportedly affect, supposed to understand it?!

Luckily for you, I have researched and befuddled through it already. Below I will give a plain-speak, as simple as possible explanation of the act and its tax consequences to you, the average Joe and Jane.  But as you read, keep in mind the following:

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Tax Rates 101

There is a lot of talk about tax rates. Every way you turn the talking heads are mentioning them once again. Yet I venture to say the average person doesn’t fully understand how our tax system works. For example, a family making $100,000 a year may be especially terrified to learn their tax bracket may be raised from 25% to 28%. Quick head math: 3% more a year is $3,000 more  a year in taxes! However, it’s not that simple. Read on for your free Tax Rates 101 course.

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